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Carael Group, LLC provides consulting services that uses education to teach groups and families about mental illness, adulting, and life transitions.  Our consulting services have been utilized in various settings such as university, colleges, high schools, and within the community. The goal of Carael Group’s consulting services is to address the misinformation concerning mental health issues, provide families, caregivers, and friends with resources to help them cope with family or friends who have dysfunctional living, and teach family, caregivers, and friends how to set appropriate boundaries, and provide self-care instructions. 

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Our consulting services also offer Meeting Milestones workshops on adulting and life transitions. Research has shown that 77% of first year students enter college with moderate to severe mental health issues. To address these concerns, Carael Group, LLC formed Meeting Milestones workshops. These workshops cover various topics related to adulting and life transitioning. Having these workshops available helps individuals develop skills to feel comfortable with adulting. Additionally, students need socialization, group therapy support, and life skill building. These core areas create successful student interactions,  reduce mental health issues, honors retention rates, and assist with overcoming the struggles of adulting.

Additionally, we offer workshops for families, friends, and caregivers of individuals with mental health challenges. These workshops are considered "psychoeducation" in that you will be educated about the mental health illness that troubles the individual and will learn skills to cope with that particular illness. We specifically target family, friends, and caregivers of those who suffer from psychosis. This particular illness can be draining on families and their resources. Our goal with these workshops are to help family, friends, and caregivers have a safe place to go to discuss their fears, and concerns dealing with someone with schizophrenia, trauma, anxiety and depression. We're here to help.

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